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NSCCM is a Nordic school that is recognized and accredited by World Commerce and Contracting.

This means that through us, you get certified CCM educations at an international level - developed among a panel of the world's leading specialists in contract management and shaped through more than 20,000 companies' practical experiences with contract and commercial management - also known as best practice.

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WorldCC, World Commerce and Contracting, was formed in 1999, and has established itself as the world's leading organization within Contract & Commercial Management. In 2020, the membership count reached 70,000 in over 160 countries.

The purpose of the organization is to research and disseminate the application of best practice in contract and commercial management. To this end, WorldCC has developed a number of educations. As one of the few partners worldwide, we at NSCCM have an agreement with WorldCC to offer these educations.

WorldCC has - among other things, in collaboration with our instructors at NSCCM - published a number of books that are used as curriculum in the CCM educations we offer.

In our teaching, we also base it on a series of studies, research, and standards that are continuously being further developed by WorldCC. On the IACCM's website, you can find their collection of the best and latest policies, standards, and guidelines, which can help you improve your practices, approaches, and results.

ARC Contract Management



At the same time, we are proud of our partnership with ARC Contract Management - the leading advisors in, among other things, CLM software - who have a vision and mission to expand CCM as a discipline globally, and to get organizations to achieve best practice in contract management.



Finally, we are pleased with our collaboration with VIXCO, who offers standardized solutions to visualize and communicate contracts in an engaging and user-friendly manner across the organization.

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