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Terms and conditions

1. Registration
Registration can be done via email, phone, or through our website ( The registration is confirmed with an email ("confirmation email") sent to the email address provided at the time of registration. This email will also indicate when we will return with further information. This will normally happen about 2 weeks before the first day of instruction.

2. Payment Terms
The prices include catering, including breakfast on arrival, lunch, and afternoon arrangements, fruit, etc., as well as NSCCM's own teaching materials.

Payment must be made 30 days after the invoice is sent.

Regarding Practitioner and other certifications: The prices are exclusive of additional teaching materials, examination fee to WorldCC about DKK 2,300 excl. VAT (The DKK 2,300 includes an exam registration (DKK 800 excl. VAT) and a one-year membership of WorldCC).

3. Cancellation
General conditions

Registration is binding. If you are prevented from participating, the following rules apply:

- Up to 30 days before the start of the educational program, the participant can postpone their participation to a later program
- Up to seven days before the start of the educational program, the participant/participant's workplace can inform NSCCM (at that they wish to send another participant instead. This incurs an administration fee of DKK 500.
- NSCCM reserves the right to cancel course programs. A full refund will be made in this case.

Special conditions for the Danish CCM Practitioner

Since the CCM Practitioner is held twice a year, there are more lenient conditions for this course.

If you are prevented from participating in one or more days during the educational program, you can participate in another corresponding day on a later educational program at no cost on the Danish CCM Practitioner education. However, to take advantage of this right to postponement, you must have sent an email to NSCCM ( no later than 7 days before the start of the educational program.


4. Examination
Only applies to courses/educations with an exam: The exam is held as an online exam. However, NSCCM may decide to hold it as a written exam.

If you do not take the exam or do not pass, you can always make a new exam registration for a renewed fee.

5. Cancellation, relocation, and changes to educational programs or days, including changes to teaching methods, due to COVID-19, etc.
NSCCM reserves the right to cancel, move or change an educational program or individual educational days. This may be due to a lack of participants or other compelling reasons, e.g., illness of instructors, transportation problems, or consequences of COVID-19 rules, recommendations, and other necessary adjustments.

Participants will normally be notified of cancellation, relocation, or changes to educational programs/individual educational days at least 7 days before the event, except in the following cases:

- Cancellation, relocation, and changes to educational programs/individual educational days can exceptionally occur until 12:00 the day before the event. If rules or recommendations necessitate this, including COVID-19 or force majeure circumstances, cancellations, relocations, or changes can occur with shorter notice or on the day itself. Relocations and changes can include, for example, replacing physical attendance with online teaching.

In the situation where NSCCM cancels entire educational programs/courses, participants will be offered to choose between the following:

- a place on a later, similar educational program/course
- a voucher for NSCCM's educations and courses
- a refund

In case of cancellation, relocation, or change of individual educational days, NSCCM will as soon as possible find alternative dates for holding the educational days that as far as possible suit the majority of participants.

Participants who cannot attend these alternative dates will be offered recorded or streamed teaching.

On the Danish CCM Practitioner education, participants can also choose to take individual educational days on a later educational program.

NSCCM assumes no responsibility for losses incurred as a result of the cancellation, relocation, or changes to entire educational programs or individual educational days, such as transportation costs, accommodation expenses, or other direct as well as indirect losses.

Any memberships or examination fees to WorldCC are not refunded, nor are they extended.

6. Educational Materials
The distributed educational materials depend on the type of education. You will typically be able to access the educational materials online.

Our prices include materials published by NSCCM but not materials from external publishers, e.g., publications by WorldCC, etc. Any costs for dispatch are included in our prices.

7. Changes in Education
To the extent that WorldCC changes educational materials, educational content, exams, etc., NSCCM reserves the right to make corresponding changes in our education effective from the time when WorldCC implements the changes.

8. Other Terms, Choice of Law

Otherwise, the general rules of Danish law apply to the agreement. The agreement is governed by Danish law, and any disputes are resolved by The Danish Institute of Arbitration in accordance with its rules in force at any time.


Last revised: March 15, 2023.

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