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10 Pitfalls in contracting - and how WorldCC recommends avoiding them!

Here you can learn about pitfalls and challenges in contracting - and how IACCM recommends avoiding them.

A CCM-certification can pave the way for your new career

Although contract management is a relatively new discipline in Denmark, the need for contract management is steadily increasing – and so is the demand for the right professionels. With an international certification from NSCCM, you stand out qualitatively when recruiters study applicants.

Contract lifecycle management - the 5 phases

One of the most essential elements in working with contract management is understanding the basic processes of the contract. At NSSCM, we operate with 'the 5 phases' of contract management, as defined by WorldCC (former IACCM)

Have we designed our contracts to fail?

WorldCC's latest studies on "Most Negotiated Terms", have the very thoughtful conclusion that there is a lack of coherence between the topics most often negotiated and the topics that are most value-creating or most disputed. This raises the question: What should you spend the most time on? See NSCCM's list of topics to prioritize.

How does an organization attract and retain skilled contract managers?

In the previous newsletter, we wrote about how important it is that organizations can attract and retain skilled contract managers. In that context, we made a questionnaire survey, and the topic was also taken up in our network, NSCCM Professionals. In the Network, we had a visit from Lars Kjærulf, Director Randstad Inhouse Services, specializing in recruitment and retention.

Using the WorldCC/IACCM Contracting Principles on your force majeure clauses

In 2019 WorldCC (former IACCM) issued their Contracting Principles. One is about force majeure clauses, and it contains an important list of topics that should be taken into consideration when drafting force majeure clauses.

Vision, mission, and strategy for the contract management unit

When organizations focus on improving their contract management, it is important to have goals and direction for the work. This should not be done solely for the contract management function's own sake, but also so that others in the organization understand these goals. Therefore, it is important to prepare a vision, mission, and strategy for the work.

But what exactly is a vision, mission, and strategy? And what can it look like for contract management?

What is contract management?

Contract management is an interdisciplinary field that requires both professional, social and communicative skills.

Why contract management?

Today, both private and public companies are under pressure to realize economic goals and increase efficiency. This development places higher demands on the organizations’ handling of contracts.

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